What We Can Offer You

There is no better way to improve your business’s performance than to push and grow your team! A team of happy employees and dedicated team will keep your business moving forward! We offer expert business coaching to Newcastle and surrounds!

Business Coaching

Take your business from where it is now to where you want it to be!

Social Media Presence

Learn how to increase your online Social Media Presence

Taxation Advisory

Anything Tax related, Coastal Tax has you covered!

Business Acquisition & Sale Advice

Quality advice to help with acquiring and selling businesses.

Business Structuring

Putting in place a Business Structure can help keep you organised and improve workplace efficiency.

Cloud System Set Up

Take your Business management and move it to the Cloud! Our team will help you get started and show you all the tricks you need!

KPI Reporting

A Key Performance Indicator is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively a company is achieving key business objectives.

Budgeting & Cash Flows

An easy way to save money is to know where you are spending it

Finance Applications

Financial strategies for both Individuals and Business’

Business Valuation

We can estimate your business’s economic value.

Marketing & Media

We have in-house media professionals who can show you how to take your marketing to the next level.

Business Growth Analysis

Analyse your current Business Growth and find ways to continue improving it!


We provide benchmarking services so you can find out where your business can improve and take advantage to ensuring your business continues moving forward.

Marketing Plan

Need to improve your marketing strategies and tactics? We will provide you with a comprehensive document outlining goals and actions to improve your current presence.


We are a boutique firm of chartered accounting professionals who are passionate about assisting businesses achieve maximum profit margins and business growth. We pride ourselves on innovative business advice and have a reputation for delivering quality advice and developing strong client relationships.

Our Smart Approach

Coastal Accounting & Tax provide quality service and strive to help individuals and businesses reach their full potential. We will always provide you with exceptional advice to keep you moving forward.

Below are a few qualities our team convey:

  • Quality work that drives results
  • Staff that immerse themselves into your business
  • Learn your goals – so we can help you win
  • Local talent who are passionate about business
  • Understanding of today’s business environment