What We Can Offer You

Whether you are an individual looking for cover, or a business who wants to know more about what you should be protected for, our group of financial planners can provide recommendations and share their knowledge accumulated throughout their careers. If you require insurance advice and guidance in Newcastle (and beyond!), we can help!


We take the time to discuss all influences and elements that will see your future stages in life benefit from today’s planning and expansion of your current income. Not only do we touch on just how you can successfully and strategically organise your income, Coastal Tax will also give sound advice on investment arrangements and your overall transition from employment into retirement.

Our Smart Approach

Coastal Accounting & Tax strive to provide quality service and help individuals and businesses reach their full potential. We will always provide you with exceptional advice to keep you moving forward.

Below are a few qualities our team convey:

  • Quality work that drives results
  • Staff that immerse themselves into your business
  • We learn your goals – so we can help you win
  • Local talent who are passionate about business
  • Understanding of today’s business environment